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June, 2020
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Adrian Sinclair

Leeds (UK)

I am Co-Director of Heads Together Productions; a community arts organisation based in Leeds in the North of England. I run Chapel FM: a thriving community arts centre in East Leeds; a tough part of Leeds which had never had an arts venue of any kind before we opened in 2014. The Centre’s stated aim is to help “create a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future.” I am also director for “UNION: The Northern School for Creativity and Activism”: a coaching programme for emerging community artists and social activists across the north of England, delivering an inclusive programme that develops skills, experience & leadership within the sector. We have just completed the first year with 21 participants who themselves are creating third spaces within and between communities. “I have learnt that in the heart of everything lies authenticity, towards others around us, towards our community, towards future generations, and towards the earth itself.” Gulcin Bulut, Turkish Community Activist living in Manchester and UNION participant