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June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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Andrea Budic

Pula (Croatia)

I am an ethnologist and cultural anthropologist currently working as a community developer and coordinator of the European solidarity Corps program at Rojc Alliance in Community center Rojc - Pula, Croatia. Rojc Alliance is a network of NGOs from Rojc that works in representing the common interest of our members, promotes mutual cooperation between them and carries out community actions and events in common spaces. Its goals are to build a distinctive network based on collaboration and joint programs, to improve the management of the center based on participative public-civic management with the City of Pula, to contribute and work with the community and to actively promote principles of solidarity, sharing, and respect for diversity. 110 NGOs from arts and culture, sports and recreation, to psychosocial work and health, work together under a common roof of Rojc building. By sharing our vision of the center as a generator of positive changes in our society, we try to develop the culture of involvement by creating a space of dialogue and meeting point for sharing and imagination. It implies involvement in providing space and creating community-driven activities that are responding to the needs of NGOs, their target groups, volunteers and citizens.