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June, 2020
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Djuro Grdinic

Hvar (Croatia)

Organisation: Udruga Mola Blaca, Hvar Island, Croatia 
Project: ArtfarmP2 
Representative: Djuro Grdinic, artist and activist 

Since 2013, when we bought 1300 m2 of land and a small stone house, ArtfarmP2 has been our international project combining art, activism and organic agriculture on the Croatian island of Hvar. 

It is situated in the Stari Grad Plain, a UNESCO protected agricultural area. 

Our main activity is the “visitor” programme, where invited artists=activist=thinkers come to ArtfarmP2, and interact with the physical and social environment. 

Our organic garden and orchard produces vegetables and fruit during the whole season. 

We organize private public events: book readings, acoustic concerts, “megaphone woman” lectures, performances, debates...with an intimate audience combining local and foreign visitors (“learning to be nobody while mapping the country yet to come”). 

While avoiding – as much as possible – the existance of capitalism as such, creating “a new place in non-place”, (“not forgetting that judges of normality are present everywhere”), we were basically waiting for the shit to hit the fan and having a place to hide. To start with was the climate change, big war was the other option, but didn't we get an arrogant underdog surprise?