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June, 2020
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Dora Papp

Budapest (Hungary)

Dora Papp is co-founder of the Safe Spaces (Biztonságos Terek) project, which provides legal and program support against the abuse of power in workplaces. The organisation aims to grow visibility of victim protection in Hungary and in the region.

Recently, she is coordinating PR and communication of an emergency fund established by Hungarian Association of Independent Performing Arts (AIPA) to tackle the effects of COVID-19 restrictions in performing arts in Hungary.

Dora Papp is a consultant specialised in digital engagement, organising and communication. In the last four years, she has been active in the front lines of civic engagement: she has taken part in designing and establishing co-operations that empower a new generation of civic leadership in the region. She was co-founder and campaigns director at aHang (the Voice), digital mobilisation platform in 2018-2019 and served as the CEO of Krétakör Foundation in 2016-2017, a former activist hub and independent theatre in Hungary. Her main area of interest is building narratives that form the cultural and political landscape and foster progress towards an inclusive and just society.