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June, 2020
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The Participatory
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Ines Marques

London (UK)

El Warcha is a community design workshop aiming to create a space for working collaboratively to design and build playful art installations and furniture as a way of sharing and learning skills and of re-appropriating our living environment. El Warcha Tunis participative design studio started in 2016 in the heart of Tunis. It is currently open five days a week with four part-time paid local artists and designers delivering art and education projects for the youth and local community. This project has been described by lead actors of the civil society as one of the most successful community art project in Tunisia. El Warcha now runs in four cities including: London, Tunis, Nefta (TN) and Davis (CA). El Warcha in London is lead by me and Benjamin Perrot, we are designers and architects. For the last year in Tottenham we have been working with elderly people, people with mental health issues and disabilities in Lowry House and Clements House, two shelter homes managed by Homes for Haringey. We have been carrying out free weekly workshops. El Warcha has traveled in a weekly workshop to Paris and Accra exploring different public locations and hacking the city with recycling and sustainable techniques.