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June, 2020
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Iva Cukic

Belgrade (Serbia)

Iva graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade where she earned her doctoral degree in urban planning. The areas of her research include urban commons, new models of governance, urban transformation and self-organisation, which she pursues through intersecting academic and activist perspective. She is co-founder and a member of the collective Ministry of Space formed in 2011, with the aim to encourage and foster citizens’ participation in defining the public interest in urban planning. She was one of the founders of "Don’t let Belgrade D(r)own" movement, taking part in its activities until the end of 2017. She is also an active member of Socio-cultural centre Magacin, a self-managed common space in Belgrade that accommodates diverse communities and holds great social and cultural value in the city. She is a coordinator of Fund Action platform, a member of the advisory board of Guerrilla Foundation and a member of the board in Trag Foundation on the “Active Communities” program.