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June, 2020
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Michael Gimpel

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Badhuis International Amsterdam. A Community Theatre in East Amsterdam. In an Art Deco Amphitheatre Badhuis - Bathhouse. The Only Theatre run by an International Group in Amsterdam.

I have worked for 38 years in this part of Amsterdam. Many Changes in the neighbourhood over the years.

Gentrification follows Poverty. Perhaps the neighbourhood became peaceful through the community joining hands with Art. Our Practice is to earn money to cover the costs of Creativity and Community. Community is a key word. We have great success and big audiences for our Theatre events. Our activities range from Children to elderly cultural events. Also, we have a Theatre and Music company that is young and old together.

The youngest is our 16-year-old Light technician to one 76-year-old Actor.
The last years we have been developing the techniques and training of our performance groups. Training every week, new productions every 2 months. We sell out all Shows,
This is essential. We also Program other International, Dutch and local groups.

We rebuilt the Old Bathhouse ourselves into a multi-functional location. Mike started as a classical actor but learnt his Community Craft along the way. Badhuis International has played all over Europe in the last 35 years.