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June, 2020
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Nina Martin

Berlin (Germany)

After having run be'kech, an accessible neighbourhood-based café, community, coworking and cultural space in an underserved area of Berlin, for two years my co-founder and I have won a tender by the cultural senate to take over a large cultural centre named Oyoun, in another area of Berlin. We have been committed to curating cultural events by, with and for marginalised groups of German society, especially QTBIPOC (queer, trans, black, indigenous, people of colour) and the Muslim, Arab and African diasporas. Our work at Oyoun has just begun and will continue to serve these same groups (I myself am queer and Muslim, my co-founder is a queer Muslim Arab-African woman of colour) as well as apply a decolonial, class-critical, antiracist, queer feminist, neurodiverse and inclusive approach to interdisciplinary arts, culture and community work. We are currently funded by the Senate for Culture and Europe for a minimum of two years.