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June, 2020
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Sofia Cartuccia

Rijeka (Croatia)

I am a cultural manager, a social activist and a committed environmentalist; the three of them are, in my view and experience, necessarily interconnected.

All my educational and professional background benefits of an international breath and my path is focused on intercultural studies; I have worked with theatre in educational and social contexts as well as cultural event management. My aim is to address current social issues engaging with local communities by fostering grass-root movements.

In 2018 I completed a Master’s Degree in Arts and Cultural Management in Barcelona; together with two colleagues we have recently founded the association S.O.M.A.M.A.: Sustainable Organisation Mobilising Awareness Through the Medium of Art.

The first exhibition we are working on, called “Re-Start Experience”, was meant to take place in Autumn 2020, as part of the Official Programme of Rijeka European Capital of Culture. Due to the pandemic crisis it will likely be postponed.

Re-Start Experience is an interactive mixed media exhibition involving art students and promoting environmental sustainability. It explores current environmental issues and raises questions about waste and consumption and the ways in which individual habits can influence environmental well-being.