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June, 2020
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Taras Kaidan

Kyiv (Ukraine)

I am a co-founder and an editor-in-chief of the local online media called ‘Hmarochos’ (means Skyscraper in Ukrainian) based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Together with my partners, we created this media to explain how Kyiv and other cities work today and to empower citizens of Ukrainian capital with the knowledge that will help them to build a better city in the future. Urban mobility, urban planning, housing issues, public spaces, social equity, human rights, sustainability are among the topics that we cover on a daily basis.

We are also a part of a local urban hub called KАРЗ-12 (KARZ-12). It is an office and event venue based in a former vehicle repair plant that brings together companies and NGOs which are working in fields of architecture, urban studies, sustainable mobility, local media and urban design.