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June, 2020
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Tomasz Jagusztyn-Krynicki

Warszawa (Poland)

On one hand I am a performer and activist on the Polish art scene on the other hand I represent the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art (U-jazdowski). I am a member of many civic organizations - the Association of Theater Pedagogists, Warsaw Food Cooperative “Good”, or the Foundation for Contemporary Art.

As a member of the Association of Theater Pedagogues I create socially engaged performances, on the themes most important for the current European discourse i.e. divisiones, loneliness of the self in society and its social and political implications. 

In U-jazdowski Head of the Partnership Development Department, cooperating with embassies and foreign cultural institutions like Cervantes Institut, Goethe Institut, French Institute, Austrian Forum of Culture, Mondriaan Fund and others. 

In the SzurSure collective I create site-specific performances, bringing back to life public spaces of Warsaw and other parts of Poland, through transformative actions that engage the public. 

In the Food Cooperative “Good” I am responsible for international educational projects, in which we transfer our inclusive experiences to other organizations.