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June, 2020
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Culture in Corona-Times

Since end of march our world changed into digital. It´s hard. We miss all meetings with long term and new partners, also in Rijeka for sure. Now we´re on the…

Solidarity and/in crisis

Solidarity lately came closer to the spotlight; there were more and more solidarity projects and during this pandemic and quarantine times, we were almost all reminded about its importance. Referring…

Body of Solidarity

Body of Solidarity   I’ve got many heads, they connect like threads interweaving /\what-they-know/ \experiences/\ ideas to build something to call home. And it all starts from what’s under my…

The Relay

  For 5 years, the association Les Têtes de l’Art through its participatory television project, Boulègue, is present in the territory of Bel Horizon – a huge building in the…

A borderless agora

A few years ago, in the middle of the extensive migration movements throughout the Balkans towards central Europe, this photo became one of the symbols of a caravan of hundreds…

shared, with…?

The current situation shows now more than ever, that our problems are deeply intertwined, and that European ways to tackle these various problems are needed, yet at the same time it…