Dear reader.

Those are weekly personal files on my experiences of Care Day.

Care Day is research-development project of CLE group Ecology of Care.

Ecology of Care:Care Day

As Care Day Friday experience is loaded with interesting energy, I decided to apply it

on my professional practice. As I am translating local stories from the island I am living on,

I will weekly explore personal solidarity and share share one or more Small Stories for Every-Care-Day.

This is just a draft of the ongoing translation, please share my outreaching  solidarity back, so fill free to comment, it will, if not save my ass, at least put it in more confident or comfortable place.

Here comes weekly installment. It contains the cover page, note of the translator, quantum physics quote and the short story of a local writer that one Friday travels to the capitol city on the mainland (we islanders call mainland the "Continent") and  upon the return reports on the yourney during the regular group session of the local writers club.


More next week.

Love and care. Duro