Dear reader.

Care Day 4 was on Friday, again, but this time was on X-mass Day.

As x-mass, even with all the agnostic efforts, is impossible to ignore,

It went OK, grappa surprise-post-parcel arrived from the Continent just on time,

weather was not sunny, indoor all it was. New dog it settling in quite smoothly,

still shit scared of Push the cat, but we expect them to start sleeping together in

a matter of days.

The new Small Story for Every-Care-Day opens up the historical chapter of the island.

History is quite easy to translate, facts are all there, the only question to answer

is: who actually ordered it and paid for it to be written in a way that is written?

Few archeological diggings give some indication, their story is fairly short,

but who wrote, and to which purpose, the epics and sagas?

Anyhow, today Small Story translation tells of first few mass waves of colonization,

to shed the light on future events of the present day.

My scanner-guy went for a break to Split, so I had to handle it

technically all by my self in ArtfarmP2 low/no tech environment.

Have fun reading.


Love and care.