A group of artists, designers, educators and citizens that came together as Permaculture Solidarity out of a wider group of people from Spaces for Solidarity, we, Iris Diaz Carrasco, Liana Kuyumcuyan, Theo Prodromidis and Vladimir Us, have decided to research the activity of organisations and initiatives that work in solidarity and introduce learning spaces that are developed bottom-up, according to their #local_needs.

Located on the edges and in-betweens of Europe, we want to highlight the differences and similarities of our locales, to create an archive of solution-making by focusing on the topic of #education in relation to #art and #urbanism. The initiatives and organisations we are #mapping are non-governmental organisation or informal structures that are working with #active_citizenship and we are trying to build new connections and provide space for visibility, both in their locality and internationally.

In our turbulent times, we are standing up for the value of creating #relationships and exchanging experiences between spaces and people that have already offered #solutions and ones who are actively building new ones.

We are inviting you to keep an eye on this blog space, to follow our research into the production of an online platform of video interviews with these initiatives and materials from our mapping.

Join us in #learning_through_our_cracks and across our fields, mountaintops and seas!