Culture Lab

June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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European Cultural Foundation (ECF)

Catalyses, connects and communicates civil society initiatives in arts and culture to work together for an open, democratic and inclusive Europe. ECF supports cultural changemakers through grants, exchanges, and incubator programmes. Their annual ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture highlights culture as a force for positive change. ECF connects people to people, the local to the European, and grassroots to policy.

Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique)

Is the largest Central and Eastern European liberal network of institutions and activists. Krytyka Polityczna consists of the online “Dziennik Opinii” (Opinion Daily), a quarterly magazine, a publishing house, cultural centres in Warsaw, Łódź, Gdańsk and Cieszyn, activist clubs in a dozen cities throughout Poland as well as in Kiev and Berlin and a research centre: the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw.


Fights for social transformation. ZEMOS98 is a mediator between activists, artists, academics, public institutions and foundations. ZEMOS98 encourages a culture of participation, reformulates dominant narratives and cares for the common goods. ZEMOS98 connects the social, the cultural and the political.