Reception (working title)

Warsaw (Poland)
September 16th – 17th 2018

Artists and researchers investigated historical forms of solidarity among the workers of large industrial factories in urban areas by community oriented interactions with ex-workers of Warsaw's Ursus tractors factory. The solidarity of artists with representatives of the working class became also the subject of the research. In this case, the research focused on the question of how the community conceives the art that is realized with them, what it draws from it, whether they identify themselves with it, how do they interpret the works which are an effect of cooperation between the community and artists.

Artists/researchers -
Jaśmina Wójcik (Poland), Julia Biczysko (Poland) in collaboration with Pola Rożek (Poland)

Video -
Jakub Wróblewski (Poland), Piotr Kucia (Poland)

Production -
Krytyka Polityczna, European Cultural Foundation