Reset of Superheroes (working title)

Seville public spaces (Spain)
October 31st 2018

Representatives of ZEMOS98 organization experienced a cycle of performative activities designed in a participatory manner aimed at creating situations in which they could freely and confidently discuss the precarious working conditions in a non-governmental organization and the impact on the quality of cooperation with local community such conditions have, and about all other obstacles such organizations face while struggling to build through culture a society based on empathy and solidarity.

Artists/researchers -
Dorota Ogrodzka (Poland) in collaboration with representatives of ZEMOS98 team: Felipe González Gil (Spain), Lucas Tello Pérez (Spain), Sofía Coca (Spain) and Pedro Jiménez (Spain)

Video -
Julia Cortegana (Spain)

Production -
Krytyka Polityczna, ZEMOS98, European Cultural Foundation