Culture Lab

June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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Reports and films produced by the research teams are listed below

The Neighbours

Artists created a photographic studio and invited residents of Bel Horizon apartment house to take pictures with their neighbors.

2 – Tours de danse

Artists invited residents of Bel Horizon apartment house to dance in shared spaces of a building in order to discover dramaturgies of solidarity.


Artists were operating in Ciokana district at the outskirts of the capital of Moldova to discover local community’s own cultural repertoire.

4 – Migration Museum

Artists conducted interviews with the villages’ residents of Polish and Ukrainian nationalities, deported to Western Poland.

5 – Reception (working title)

Artists and researchers investigated historical forms of solidarity among the workers of large industrial factories in urban areas.

6 – Confession Room

Artist invited POGON Center team for a common activity aiming at evoking solidarity emotions among them and stimulating compassion.

7 – Reset of Superheroes (working title)

Representatives of ZEMOS98 organization experienced a cycle of performative activities designed in a participatory manner aimed.

8 – Antropoloops

Artists invited children of elementary schools in Spain and Poland to send audio-letters to each other which contained questions.