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June, 2020
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Ana-Maria Popa

Chișinău (Moldova)

I finished a bachelor in Cultural Studies in Poland, and a master in Human Rights in Italy and after living a long time abroad, I decided to return in Moldova, a place that interests me a lot. I engaged in some local issues of my hometown and started to contribute to causes and address problems that bother me back home. With already an experience in activism and autonomous collectives, upon my return I joined a grassroots initiative called Occupy Guguță, that addresses our country's main political, social and economic problems using artistic and creative practices, combining performances and happenings with protests, sit-ins and other tools of non-violent civil disobedience. We engaged around topics like shrinking public space (illegal privatization of historic buildings, thus, the name, the old Guguță cafe we try to save), democratic resilience and protection of human rights and promotion of civic engagement. Our movement became visible in Moldova and now it is a platform of civic mutual help and can offer tools and support for others to organize themselves for a cause. We engage mainly with citizens in Chisinau, but at times also in other regions of the country.

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