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June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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Lena Povrzenic

Rijeka (Croatia)

After being an active participant in CSA (Community supported agriculture) group in Rijeka for a number of years, I have started coordinating our monthly farmer's market that our group established in a Rijeka's neighbourhood called Vežica. It was third such market established in the area by CSA groups. As the surroundings where we organised this market was in quite a bad condition, I have lead a project whose purpose was to bring a new life into the square. We have done so by planting trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers, mostly of edible species and by bringing young artist to decorate walls with murals and ground with children's games. I am interested in finding ways to get people to participate in projects in their neighbourhood that are aimed at bringing better quality of life to the place where they spend time, and to do so in a way that brings people together, in joint actions.