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June, 2020
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Lina Issa

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

I am Lina, woman of color, artist, mediterranean, mother, writer, hetrosexual, in ‘full’ physical ability, migrant, multi-lingual... 

I make performances, videos, interventions in organisations, I curate and facilitate festivals, cultural programs and Table talks, I design and cook food events where embodied memory and story telling are triggered and guided by tasting and eating. I collect and narrate stories. I wrote a novel and have started writing on methodologies of working with communities, with care at the Museum of World Cultures in The Netherlands and before at the Medical University of Amsterdam. Through my work I find myself creating conditions for personal relationships within complex contexts and for insisting on the personal as political, and creating conditions to practice empathy and hope for they are labour, to unlearn my identity, to listen to and speak through the body, to have detailed encounters, and to establish vulnerability as a norm.