Culture Lab

June, 2020
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N'diaye Isabelle

Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (Belgium)

I stand as an activist organizing for spatial justice and as an advocate for cultural rights’ implementation. I expand my willpower in a complex network of formal and informal actors.I apply on behalf of my activities at Toestand vzw. multi-lingual organization that gives back life to abandoned places in Brussels and beyond. Allee Du Kaai is such a place : 16 000 square meters, 5 warehouses and public spaces that are all dedicated to social and cultural projects. Wide streams of publics can meet at AlleeDuKaai during our permanences. One will find heat, Wi-Fi, water, basic food and beverages, games, emotional rest and anonymity. For free. Other moments of the agendas are shared with actors willing to develop projects based on social and cultural fields. Toestand International gathers youngsters for urban renewal at European scale: Granada (SP), Pristina (Kosovo), Tetovo (Macedonia), Tirana (Albania), and Sarajevo (Bosnia 2020). After 10 days of 24/7 work, local youngsters would have co-developed a community-based centre. At alleedukaai we fight against vacancy while providing daily social-and cultural work with public in migration mostly homeless? youngsters from underprivileged neighborhood, Brussels middle class citizen, internationals that heard about our project and many others.