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June, 2020
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Petra Matic

Zagreb (Croatia)

I am a museologist and refugee solidarity activist from Zagreb, Croatia. Since 2018 I have been working with the Technical Museum Nikola Tesla with the mission of creating welcoming museums through programs "Nikola Tesla. Migrant." and "Museums - Places of Dialogue and Encounter" in collaboration with the Typhlological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

"Nikola Tesla. Migrant" launched as a public forum on migration and technology, and "Museums - Places of Dialogue and Encounter" is an inclusive youth cultural participation program. I want to use museum and cultural institution resources to create real places of solidarity, understanding, and learning. The challenge at the moment is how to achieve this without being in the same physical space, and we have already encountered this problem with unaccompanied minors whose guardians were yet unknown, making it impossible to get a permission for the minors to participate in our programs. I would love to use this opportunity to find ways of creating inclusive virtual projects that are meaningful and useful.