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June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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Roberto Perez

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

As a designer and social worker, I focues on critically analyzing and deconstructing the technological, political and cultural strategies through which structural divisions in society are (re)produced. Operating from queer and intersectional frameworks, they consider how these systems affect and orient behaviour and the effects that design and designing practices have on identities. Their practice seeks to unveil, map and render interpretable the power relationships which are (re)produced in the social dynamics generated within these systems. Further, it seeks to open up spaces for critical dialogue in which accountability processes can take place, and new tools for direct citizen participation and contestation can arise. 

Building upon performative research methodologies, and the physicalization and embodiment of the results, the activities and collaborations I conduct in a diversity of context dependent formats: exhibitions, performances, research publications, participatory events, community building, advocacy actions, international projects development, to name a few. Next to this, they regularly mentor and guest lecture in institutions such as the Design Academy of Eindhoven, ArtEZ, or the Sandberg Institute. As a social worker, they develop activities with and for local, national and European civil society organizations at the intersection of drug use, homelessness, migration, and LGBTQ+.