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June, 2020
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Zsuzsa Mekler

Budapest (Hungary)

Auróra Community Center is ran by Marom which is an originally jewish cultural organisation which has changed its main mission and activities on the reason of the current political situation and aims to a safe place and strengthening network for NGO-s and human rights activism. As the main coordinator of Auróra i work with several cultural and creative actors to build a community around the physical space we own. The place itself has three floors, there are 10 NGO offices in the top, a bar and two different community spaces for lectures and workshops on the ground floor, and we also have a club in the basement with the capacity of 100-120 ppl. That’s one of the very few remaining small music venues of Budapest for underground arts and culture. The concept is to create an inspiring and welcoming area for actors from different fields, build cross-sector bridges and cooperations. Yearly 4-500 events are organised by the staff and the 30-50 volunteers working at the place. Marom has had several other projects beside the Auróra Community Center the most relevant ones are the Bánkitó Festival with yearly 20 000 visitors and the recently started network building project called Open Spaces.