Body of Solidarity


I’ve got many heads,
they connect like threads
/\what-they-know/ \experiences/\ ideas
to build something to call

And it all starts from what’s under my feet
Respecting and safeguarding
by reducing, reusing and recycling
                |—————> The space I’m in

                                       Open and Welcoming
No matter the lines /i/n/b/e/t/w/e/e/n/

My hands share skills
To actively change what’s wrong
- even if it’s the norm ! -
They are the brainstorm
bringing t
angible effects
grass-roots movements transforming utopia into fact
They know learning requires failing,
but it’s worth
If collaborating replaces prevailing.
It’s not just about an economic growth
the future that both
are shaping.

Here comes my voice
An inspiring spoken word
For social justice
It has the right to be heard
As much as to be anonymous

A fearless beating for equality
Rise up from the heart
Big enough
to hold
my vibrant diversity:
my best quality.

Body of Solidarity
in your humanity
so alive, so true

I’ll take care of you



That’s what came out yesterday night when I envisioned solidarity in a (not-only) European sphere.
Not as concrete as I wished, but the spirit is there.

How do I contribute to create this Body of Solidarity and embody this vision?

On one hand, through the constant practice of environmental and political activism in my life.
Keeping myself in an on-going learning process, as a citizen, a consumer, a human being.
Participating in producing a ripple effect of good practices/activities/initiatives
for a more sustainable, inclusive and less individualistic society.

On the other hand, through the recently born S.O.M.A.M.A association.
The acronym stands for Sustainable Organisation Mobilising Awareness Through the Medium of Art
and i believe it gives an idea of what we aim to do.
We want to address current social issues using interdisciplinary art,
engaging with local communities and fostering participatory action.
We want to do our part, in a creative way.


As a cultural ngo, we are moving our first steps;
so Culture Lab Europe represents a great opportunity
to learn from the initiatives and the practices of others.
I look forward to sharing our experiences and
supporting each other.



["We are illegal immigrants of the world / Lovers of anything that can be loved"
Photo of street art at the entrance of La Polveriera Spazio Comune, an occupied self-managed social centre in Florence. It is part of MeP, a non-party political and social movement for the creation and dissemination of contemporary poetry]