After six weeks of mapping we are happy to present the results of our research, which includes around 30 initiatives from 15 cities and 7 countries, representing a wide range of topics like #art, #urban_commons & #inclusive_cities, #human_rights, #migration, #ecology & #solidarity in general, centered on the question of #inclusive & #alternative_education that are making use of #public_space, #participatory_practices & #self_organization, and are encouraging #citizens_movements from the edges of the European continent.

In times of confinement and pressure on solidarity structures to totally re-organise the way they operate, our aim on making this mapping is to give exposure and space for solidarity initiatives to grow by cross-pollinating their methodologies, toolkits and experiences. Moving beyond the urgency of the moment, we hope to offer strategies of resilience and the sharing of knowledge coming straight from the fields of practicing solidarity and the local but interconnected struggles for more open and just societies.

The map we produced out of our research is a tool for visual organisation that we believe with help strengthening the ties between values, cities and people. We hope that it will serve as a (re)source for different initiatives to get in touch and share their visions, while informing citizens across the mapped territories. You will discover #culture_activism, #feminism, #participatory_design, #social_justice and other tools that were used as to spread #education!

We are inviting you to keep an eye on this blog space, to follow our research into the production of our online platform that will be filled with video interviews by the selected initiatives and more information from our mapping.

Join us in #learning_through_our_cracks and across our fields, mountaintops and seas:!