These days we are dealing with working in a digital space which means we have to respect social distancing measures. COVID-19 brought the state of misery to us, but that is not the reason to stop spreading positivity and solidarity. That is exactly what the CLE City is teaching us about. This virtual city is product of the work of 50 people across the world who formed 7 groups with different goals. You can read about it in two latest blogs, so now I want to introduce you the work of group called Right to move, right to act, right to do through their conclusions and my thoughts.


I got interested in their idea of borders. For the participants of that group border has different meanings, such as language, culture, nationality, race, etc. We have to ask ourselves why would a person of another nationality  or color skin be less valuable? I will remind you of a murder of an Afro American George Floyd. He was killed on American streets by policeman just because his skin is black. Police officers, who were supposed to bring justice and punish criminals, became criminals because they actually are racists. Because of that cruel act, they exposed themselves to danger. They made it clear in the public that 'everyone' can kill another man with no reason. It is really important to mention that we are all born on this planet and we all have the same rights for moving on this ground. No one has right to take someone else's opportunity to live and enjoying in goods that our planet is giving to us.

Also, I want to say something about the behavior of individuals in a public place. Again, we can ask ourselves one question: what if someone hurt another person right in front of us and run away? Would we (me, you or any other person) really act trying to help or would we stay calm and think about what is the color of a person's skin, is she member of some community etc. There are so many racists all over the world who believe that black people don't deserve to live. We should have on our minds that helping other person will encourage us and maybe inspire others to spread solidarity among us. Besides, it is expected of us to ask some provocative questions. It will result in a decrease of social injustice and borders between us. We are all individuals and our mission is to create a harmonious society as much as possible.


CLE Media Team Author:

Antonela Rezo