I'm sharing three images here to trigger a few questions about the meaning of community in the context of global confinement. What kind of solidarity can we reclaim with closed borders? Are nations and states behaving like locked houses? Through which windows are we allowed to communicate? Who are the (technological) elite now? How will we re enter public space?

I would like to listen to my colleagues' perspectives and challenges within institutions as they relate to community projects and to rethink the idea of a Constituent Museum.


Equipos of the community program of Museo Reina Sofia (March-May 2020)

Nueva Bandera Argentina (2014) Magdalena Jitrik Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1966. Colección Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía


Untitled (Orange, Plum, Yellow) (1950) by Mark Rothko vs. my own window in Madrid during the complete confinement fase (March 2020)