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June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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Confession Room

On October 4th 2018, researcher and performer Karolina Pluta, invited the team of POGON - Center for Independent Culture and Youth placed in Zagreb, Croatia, to participate in an artistic experiment concerning solidarity among culture workers. She created a space and designed activities aiming at evoking empathy and stimulating compassion which would allow the POGON team members to formulate questions to their co-workers which they always wanted to ask. What were the questions? What were the answers?

"Confession Room" action research refers to the question about working conditions in the cultural sector in Europe and about the possibility of social impact of culture in a situation of low economic and symbolic position of employees in the cultural sector. Just as during a plane damage, we should put an oxygen mask first on ourselves and then on the ones we are taking care of, if we want to increase the level of social solidarity using cultural tools, shouldn’t we start with increasing the level of solidarity within the world of culture? Are we able to help others, being in a situation that requires help?

Video by Nina Klarić (in English)

Artists/researchers: Karolina Pluta (Poland) in collaboration with POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth team (Croatia)
Video: Nina Klarić (Croatia)
Place: POGON Center, Zagreb (Croatia)
Time: October 4th 2018

Karolina Pluta
POGON team:
Željko Bašković
Graziella Bokor
Matea Munitić Mihovilović
Marijana Rimanić
Sonja Soldo
Nenad Baric
Nicola Mijatović

Production: Krytyka Polityczna, POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth, European Cultural Foundation