Dear reader.

Here some excellent goodies to celebrate Care Day 10.

From Berlin, Drugar Duki send us this wonderful contemplation on isolation (05:08 min)

And  from Boston, Drugar Srdjan contributed another beauty, on taking his daughter

sledding during these days. Seems it will involve some downsizing, but why not? Fun it is!

You downsize the girl to 3,3 cm.You build the wooden model of sled. How? Takes time but it is doable.

All done, you tilt the table to 33,3 % slope fall.

Takes two people to make the whole operation safe: one to let the sled and the girl go.

One to catch the same items at the end of the slope. Wearing, I guess, Vermont mittens. As Vermont not so far from Massachusetts. (00:10)

And off course here comes another Small Story for Everycareday.

Our protagonist (or shall we finally switch to "our anti-hero"?), ends up in the local bar

looking for the answers on the ambush he was invited to take part in.

Where had the bump on his forehead come from? And why?

Just noticed that in the document page 106 is upside down.

It it my mistake, not at all on purpose.

Deadline is looming, so no time to fix it.

Could say sorry, but I do find it quite funny.


Have fun watching, listening and reading.

Love and care.