Dear reader.

Let's keep it simple for the Care Day 19.

No questions given and no answers asked.

Here comes the new hit single by Kingalita, from the upcoming album

named "Facade". One song per personal Care Day Friday. From now on. 

"Maybe" by Kingalita, 00:18,


As the bonus for today, a video clip of "Blood Pressure",  another song from the same album,  the great dramatic and funky one too.


And, off course, here the super fresh Small Story for Everycareday,

QandorA structural development.


Have fun rocking and reading.


Rove and Rare.


p.s. and I did get new remark from Sputnik:

- " You are the brightest, multi-colored, tropical butterfly

that kindly shits on their meadow."

- "Multi-colored shit I shit on their gray meadow? I am thinking.