Dear reader.

Friday "Care Day 2" happened and two days later spillover of caring energy is still here. Just last few drops.

Saturday was loaded. I printed out the translation of the second Small Story for Every-Care-Day. Sunday was the editing day, today is the upload day. Tomorrow is the Solidarity Sharing Day.

In the second Small Story we read the legendary traditional tale of a history writer who, after some problems on the Continent, departs for the island and now recounts the tale of his/her voyage and ultimate touchdown.

But before I let you all read the story, first some updates of the global spread of Care Day.

  • Bill in Adelaide, Australia, started his Care Day experience even before Ecology of Care group.

Same as with New Year fireworks, Aussies are before us for an ultimate time zone difference.

Here some notes on his Care Day : "Care Day I spent on my skateboard, rolling around town...I found some little streets and places I'd never been before. Generally I was trying to just switch off, to encourage my mind to move at a slower pace. Also I had some wine and watched the sunset."

Adelaide sunset on Care Day

  • Gringi,  the "one angry man" on  barricades (but one of the nicest), joins Care Day research and development project with this kind contribution.

 Care Day 2 song : Yoga Man ( 05:30 min)


Finally, here comes the Small Story for Care Day 2:

8to17_Banizbat_The _Island_of Loose_Ends


Till next Tuesday.

Love and care.