Dear reader.

Here comes some stuff from Care Day 7.

For the regular Friday recording session of the raw, unedited podcast, we, Ecology of Care group (Sofia Cartuccia in Polverigi, Rodrigo Ghatas in Oslo and Duro Grdinic on Hvar Island) had a first guest in the Skype studio. Eleonora from Italy/Ireland. So just click next door in this blog, and there you will find seven podcasts made on seven Care Days. Somehow will make sense to start  from number one.

As for the new Small Story for Everycareday episode, we move all together into the Present Day adventures. The mysterious handwritten note appears on the empty table and our Protagonist and the Vehicle will be seemingly forced to take a journey to the other side of the Island (they say).


And now something that everyone is waiting for: a new composition from our "man on the barricades".

"Matrix" by Gringi, 04:56

Have fun reading and listening.

Love and care.