This is the Making the Invisible Theaters Visible project run by Badhuistheater from Amsterdam, Netherlands and
the Association of Theater Pedagogues (Stowarzyszenie Pedagogów Teatru) from Warsaw, Poland.
Here we present the partner of the project the Association of Theater Pedagogues (SPT):
- summarize our work that we did remotely in 2020,
- present the work still in progress,
- it's a table of contents of the posts that SPT will add on this site from January to April 2021.
In the Association of Theater Pedagogues (SPT) we are a group of artists, theatre practitioners and cultural animators who work in a wide field of practical theatre education in diverse areas such as theaters, schools, universities, cultural and community centers, and other public spaces. We create performances and theater pieces, educate both youth and adult participants using the performative and theater tools.
In 2020 we had to make a big shift in our productions. We started to use remote tools to reach our audiences. On this fb page we will show you some of our best practices in this field:
- Shortly we will post a videoclip from Lekcje Oporu/ Lessons of Resistance (https://www.facebook.com/events/1922977131203238/)
- a spectacle about the Strike of Polish Teachers in 2019, played in the premises of a Polish School which is now a house of many artistic organizations (https://www.facebook.com/Szko%C5%82a-100612175040446)
- New theme for 2021 - HOPE - we will explore its meaning in a new production that will premier on the first day of spring 21st of March 2021. 31st of January we invite all of you to an open seminar on hope !
- Spectacle on positive manhood - “We wanted to talk about manhood, but we became friends” (https://www.facebook.com/events/2572307883068134) premiered in December 2020 and will be played 4th and 5th of February once again ! - all on Zoom
- Young Laboratory for Social Theater - cycle of meetings with Warsaw youth that lead to a spectacle “Strachy codzienności/Everyday fears” (https://www.facebook.com/events/279819946490332)

- audial performative-empathy walks with our audience, through their hometowns throughout Poland.(https://www.facebook.com/events/1110768932691704)

- interactive and participatory Festival Divers and Astronauts that we held on Zoom from June till October 2020 http://pedagodzyteatru.org/.../festiwal-perfomatywny.../)

- Future Scenarios - a cycle of workshops for youth about their future work

- Social Theater - a cycle of workshops

- The Unforgettable - Women Stories - a virtual exhibition and accompanying events about crucial female figures in the history of Warsaw (http://pedagodzyteatru.org/.../intergenerational-city.../)

In this project we will share our practical knowledge on using remote tools in theater productions within the above mentioned productions and others.

Photo: meeting with the spectators of our performance Lessons of Resistance, author:

Paweł Ogrodzki - Fotografia