Culture Lab

June, 2020
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The Participatory
Action Research

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The project is based on three principles -

Peer-to-Peer knowledge

The key events, gatherings and meetings will treat all participants as experts with valuable insights and knowledge to share. This will help us in creating a community in which people feel valued and to which they want to belong.

Collective intelligence

We use tools and concrete actions to document, map and reflect ideas back to participants at all stages. Social media and the Labs for Europe platform will initially help to introduce artists and researchers to the project, and we use it in a way that will infuse the project with an inclusive, participatory, horizontal spirit.

Open source philosophy

Outcomes and public deliverables will have a licence which permits third parties to re-use our content and models.

The project aims to -

Build and disclose a trans-national network of people working with participatory cultural practices.

Uncover new understanding of how collaborative cultural practices create solidarity.

Advocate for cultural institutions in Europe that work ‘with’ their audiences.

Develop a cross sectoral approach to tackle polarisation.