As we started our journey with the search for new ways of learning, we have been #mapping our way through our fields of #education in relation to #art, #urbanism, and #social_justice from various cities located mainly in Greece, Spain, Moldova, Turkey but also looking around our #edges for more. In these last weeks of winter, we have been taking turns, twice a week, presenting our proposals of initiatives in their historical, political, and economical context, and finding out the common points in these different formations.

We have mapped and discussed 31 initiatives so far and have proceeded to actually put them on a map via the different #classifications we assigned to them through our research. We asked each other things like: “What are the topics that are ignored in our countries? Is there a way of engaging with our #environment more physically while we learn things? Are there different ways of perceiving one topic? Do we learn how to discuss in our schools? Can art facilitate learning while expressing through it?”

We are now building a methodology based on consensus between us, proposing to each other, being inspired by other member’s choices that move us as individuals and as a group to look at different corners of our fields of interest, knowledge, filters, bubbles and experiences.

We will be continuing to share our thoughts and steps of this journey so we can transform our research into the production of an online platform of video interviews with these initiatives and materials from our #mapping.

Join us in #learning_through_our_cracks across our borders!