Social justice is the view that EVERYONE deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social justice means EQUALITY, it means HUMAN RIGHTS - no matter the skin colour, sexuality, nationality or else. Social justice makes a society wholesome and harmonious. Everyone contributes to the society and that contribution should be respected. All members of the society should have equal rights and protection.
Having more diversity and equality in a society means more opportunities, growth and social well being - happier world.

CLE city group Intersectionality and social justice was working exactly on the topic of social justice and tried to come to the solution how we, as a community, can improve and make changes?
They first started with defining what social justice and intersectionality is and that led them to debate about diversity in the sense of languages, distinct forms of life etc. To further explain the unfairness in the community the group discussed the common diagnosis of polarization which is a problem all around Europe. While talking about xenophobia, lack of access, homophobia, systemic racism, transphobia, suppression of media freedom and border politics a new question came up: How do we create welcoming places that break open our silos, create an experience that is representative, caring, safe, participatory, and connected?



The group's conclusion was that there's a need for new engaing narratives, positive narratives to envision new futures and common spaces in a local and European level. We have to practice solidarity first and foremost among OURSELVES – we have to share our own practices and urgent needs, create bridges, allocate urgencies and re-distribute according to those urgencies.

In this picture we can see that the group also mentioned examples of the projects already happening in some countries in Europe – practicing social justice.


In order to change the community we have to think about solidarity, fostering safe spaces and cooperating. The groups idea was to focus on building a renewed horizon of justice, resist oppression and create new narratives for a future Europe. EUROPE IS FRAGMENTING – intersectionality is a new vision for a future Europe that is dynamic, open and inclusive so that it can welcome change: changing narratives, growing communities and transforming borders.

When talking about social justice and intersectionality we have to remember that all people are valuable and that we should be capable of welcoming the experiences of those who have been structurally and systematically overlooked and neglected – we have to build a better future for those people. Participants of Intersectionality and social justice group couldn't tackle all the important questions and find all the solutions, but their main focus was on highlighting the idea of better Europe, Europe of solidarity and justice. To build better Europe, as a place of peace, freedom, equality, social justice and sustainability, we should practice narratives that focus on solidarity in common spaces – we should focus on making not just a safe space, but a safer space. Space for all people to have the same rights, and most important: FREEDOM. 


CLE Media Team: Tihana Lukić

Croatian language and literature student, journalist and a lover of nature.