It has already been three months since the world shut down and our lives with it, after a routine where we meet at least 10 people a day, we have come to live within the four walls of our apartments, and consider ourselves lucky enough if we live with family or other people.

The silver lining of this epidemic comparing it to previous ones is that we have means to communicate and share, we have tools that allow us to build solidarity and spread it. In Europe, Solidarity has always been undoubtedly present between both its member states and people whether in values or objectives and in order to strengthen such a thing, I believe there are two essential tools to do so, and they are Media and Culture.

I can contribute to that using the previously mentioned tools which are Media and Culture.
Through media, it is essential to let people aware of what's happening instead of making them live in doubt and fear; it is the job of all media platforms to be honest and direct and to fight fake news that may break solidarity between people.

As for culture, it is very essential when it comes to showing people that solidarity is a duty towards anyone in the world, no matter where they come from, what they look like, what they worship...

The spread of culture helps people build different interests and put themselves into the process of creation that helps a lot of other people. It is what helps us accept and love each other because it plays on the psychology of getting used to 'DIFFERENT' and that's what leads to tolerance and acceptance! LET'S MAKE CULTURE CONTAGIOUS!

I would love to contribute with the students by making series of videos and informing people around us that it's okay to feel however they are feeling and that it is more than requested to share!