Premiere of the Island took place in June 2019. The plot of the performance is set in the atmosphere of an impending catastrophe, emergency state, urgent decision making. Coincidence, future prediction... Here we go - Year 2020. The story of the Island partly became real. In 2020 the performance was planned for autumn. Two weeks before the show the government announced that theaters would be closed due to the pandemic. Against these odds we made the decision to bring the Island experience online.
Visual and interactive parts play a key role in the live version, so Island on Zoom was quite a challenge for us as time was limited. We were keen on creating a special atmosphere on Zoom. For this purpose we used objects, lights, music, video, precise direction of zoom’s windows. Additionally we assigned a special role - a host-performer, person that welcomes and explains Zoom's navigation to the audience.
This performance was a unique experience of inducing a state of a performative presence in our private houses without the physical presence of the spectators. Sensing the team at a distance, improvising and making on-line choreography with objects on Zoom.
We consciously divided the performance into visual and interactive parts. Our experience shows that this combination really works. Engagement of the public is crucial for us - it takes the viewer beyond the usual experience of watching, it gives the feeling of closeness on-line, making the experience real and making the on-line theater magical.