My friends and I of the CLE group Ecology of Care have started something together.
A project. A research. An experiment. An intimate practice. 
You can call it in many ways and you can read about it here.

We believe that solidarity and care are deeply connected with each other.
But what does it mean “to care”?
How do i take care of myself?
How of others?
I don’t have clear answers, but I’m curious to dig into the topic.

I will use this space as pages of a visual, poetic diary.
A personal recording of this journey. 
[ As a group we have a collective one: an informal, unedited podcast that you’ll find in this blog]

My Care Day number 1 was filled with silence while taking a walk on the wild side.
An unknown path, full of colours of a cold, early December day.
Time dilates when you go offline and thoughts get sharper.
Self-care begins with small gestures and soft rituals…