~ What is it about?

How do you get to know if you do or do not have something in common with other people? Have you ever been misled by your preconceptions? Can other people's questions help you to find your answers?

Do you think this platform serves to provide direct answers and suggestions? Would you be surprised if its scope is to develop critical thinking by deepening our understandings and challenging our thoughts and "truths"?

Would this change the way you talk with other people or even the way you think?

What would it be like if we could connect people from all over Europe through questions and uncertainties? Would that create a tool for change or would it just be a recipe for an awesome mess?

~How does it work?

Can you imagine a better start than choosing the way you want the others to see you?

Have you ever had the freedom to ask what you really wanted?

What would you ask: personal, political or maybe philosophical question?

Are you really sure offensive content will be allowed?

Do you believe Google will answer your question better than the Fellowship of Questions?

What if you can choose the language and media you prefer?

What do you think about not having a limited number of questions you can pose?

Are you ready to question everything, even the questions?

Would it scare you if this is the only way you can react to other questions?

Would you prefer to know who is answering to your question or is it better not to know it?

Do you also think sharing and using social media will help us connect but also our curiosities and uncertainties?

How does it feel knowing that you are not alone in this?

Or that there is also someone else thinking about what you are thinking?

Would you like to try this in the real world or you prefer to stick to the virtual one?

Who says that virtual world is not the real one?

What if you try?