Culture Lab Europe – Spaces for Solidarity is going into its next stage. The first weeks we used to get to know each other a bit better and getting acquainted with each other’s practices. The period from today until the 19 of June will be used to form the groups participants would like to work in during the event week from 22 until 26 June.

Now we invite you to the City of CLE on Miro. For now we keep it simple and let groups map their ideas on the diagnosis of the problem in Europe you want to tackle, the practices that contribute to a solution and the affinities these practices have with each other (synergies, similarities, differences). The objectives of this exercise are:

  • Decide in which group you want to work
  • Get some first ideas on the problem in Europe you want to address with your group
  • Get acquainted with working in Miro

For the week of 22-26 June we are working on a more sophisticated infrastructure / foundations on which you will build the City of CLE.

Please find the instructions for this exercise in the video and post a comment if you have a question or suggestion.